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Making rotis is indeed an art, but certain ideas could make it better!!I had lost hope of making them initially as it never used to be soft & palatable.If kept for more hours it turned to be like Frisbee & could even chop off one’s head if thrown with more velocity.

Changing brands, adding milk, curd, other softeners, kneading with efforts, etc did not find any solution to my problem. Finally I came upon the whereabouts of making them. I cannot say as a masterpiece, but certainly it remains soft & moreover looks like chapati or so called roti!! 


All you need is wheat flour, water to knead, oil & salt. To impart good softness, the kneading skill is very much important. What I do is, take 3 cups of whole wheat flour [100% wheat, no Maida added. I found Swad as a good brand] 2 tsp of any cooking oil, salt to taste and 1 to 1.5 cups of water [approximately, cannot say a specified quantity for kneading]. 



Add all the ingredients together and mix properly. Keep kneading till it becomes like a smooth even surfaced ball. After kneading make the dough rest peacefully for 15 to 20 minutes. This is to make the gluten relaxed. Also keep the container packed where it is resting to avoid drying the surface. A wet cloth or kitchen napkin will also do. 



 Make equal sized small balls or pedas out of this dough. Dust with flour. Here I take flour in a circular bowl & press the pedas along the base of the bowl towards the rim on both sides, So that the flour is evenly distributed & no need of extra dusting. Start rolling the pedas into chapati in round shape turning them clockwise & further rolling in between.  


Toast them in griddle or a tawa. Set the temperature to medium flame [temperature also plays important role; if kept on high it becomes more hard & if on slow, uneven distribution of heat may not cause it to blow up]. You could see small bubbles blowing up on one side. Press & turn side. The roti completely blows up after turning them. Check the video to see how it blows up

 Once completely blown take them from the tawa into a plate & if required, smear a tsp of oil or ghee on top of it.

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